Arizona Tiki Oasis 2022 Mug Guide: These Are The Mugs To Get In Line For

Images of mugs are credited to the respective artists and image of Hotel Valley Ho is by David Yeh 

    The next Arizona Tiki Oasis event is just one week away! This year’s Marketplace will be a treasure trove for mug collectors, so we have created a quick guide to help you plan for the event.

What is Arizona Tiki Oasis (AZTO)?

    Arizona Tiki Oasis is the sister event to one of Tiki’s largest annual meet-ups in the world. Located in sunny Old Town Scottsdale at the historic Hotel Valley Ho, Tiki Oasis combines seminars, a marketplace, an art show, music, cocktails, and a luau, into an island lifestyle party in the middle of the desert.

Are tickets still available?

    Yes, but only while supplies last! Deluxe evening resort passes have sold out, but the standard evening resort passes are still available. Evening resort passes include a limited edition commemorative shopping bag, evening entry to live entertainment, access to curated events, and initimate tropical tastings. The pass does not include any seminars (those must be purchased separately). Evening resort passes retail for $99 plus a $8.73 fee and they can be purchased here.

Is there an official event mug of Arizona Tiki Oasis?

    Yes! Tiki Oasis has a long standing tradition of releasing a unique cocktail mug at each of it’s events and this year is no different. 2022’s mug has been produced by John Mulder and his team at Eekum Bookum. The mug is inspired by a carving from a now closed Trader Vic’s location in Scottsdale. The restaurant originally opened in 1962 and it hosted many special occasions before closing in 1990. It was then briefly reprised at the Hotel Valley Ho from 2006-2011.

    The only guaranteed way to get this year’s event mug was to purchase a deluxe ticket, but a limited number of the mugs will be sold on site at the event as well. On Friday, April 29, at 6:00pm at The Sands, event mugs will be available for purchase to those who have an evening resort pass. There will also be an official Tiki Oasis event booth offering glassware, mugs, beach towels, and more, at the Marketplace.

    Here is a closer look at some of the official event mugs released at Tiki Oasis in San Diego and Arizona in years past:

John Mulder of Eekum Bookum

Who is 2022's Featured Guest Artist?

    Arizona Tiki Oasis’ Featured Guest Artist is John Mulder of Eekum Bookum. The Tiki Oasis website states, “John Mulder started collecting vintage tiki mugs in the mid 90s. The fascination with Tiki mugs led him to the world of Tiki art and culture. Being a sculptor and painter, it wasn’t long before he started making his own mugs for his collection. After a career in the military, he was able to turn his passion for collecting mugs into a profession in 2010. He now lives in St. Petersburg Florida where he and his wife, Janet run Eekum Bookum Tiki Mugs and strive to make eye-popping art for everyone to enjoy.”

What mugs will the Marketplace have?

    This year a number of mug makers will be vending. Although Arizona Tiki Oasis officially begins on April 28th, the Marketplace does not open until Saturday, April 30th at 10:00am. It will be open until 4:00pm that afternoon and again on Sunday, May 1st, from 10:00am until 4:00pm. With that said, most of the highly-sought-after mugs will sell out before then. The Marketplace will be open to the public.

    Some vendors that will have mugs at their booths include:


    At last year’s Tiki Oasis event in Arizona, the line for TikiRob’s booth began hours before the Marketplace was scheduled to open and the same thing happened at last year’s Tiki Oasis event in San Diego. The moral of the story is that if you hope to score one of Rob Hawes’ mugs, you’ll need to plan in advance and line up early. 

    Rob makes small batch ceramics on the island of Maui. He has built a reputation for his attention to detail and his mugs are some of the best Tiki mugs being produced today. This year Rob has collaborated with Tom “BigToe” Laura on a new mask mug inspired by Tom’s original “Howies Tiki Lani” acrylic painting. Up to twenty-five of those mugs may be available, but the actual availability may be less (depending on the kiln). Rob will also be bringing with him some Tiki Bob mugs, brand new t-shirts, and some mask mugs inspired by an Oceanic Arts design. Get there early!

Ceramics By Carol (@minitikimeow)

    Carol is another ceramic artist whose mugs you will not want to miss. She produces small batch traditional Tiki mugs by hand in California. This year Carol has translated a beautiful wooden carving from Tiki Dylan into stoneware for her latest Tiki mug. The design is named Piko. She will also have ceramic pendants for sale and she will be sharing a booth with fellow mug maker Odd Rodney.

Odd Rodney

    Odd Rodney’s mugs are heavily inspired by Mid-century Modern design. Rodney is lives local to Arizona and he is known for his flawless execution. Bright, bold colors, smooth surfaces, and clean lines, are often easier said than done when it comes to ceramics, but you wouldn’t know that looking at Rodney’s mugs.

    For Tiki Oasis Arizona 2022, Odd Rodney will be introducing a new design inspired by the precast concrete railings of the Hotel Valley Ho. He will be sharing a booth with Carol Gravem.


    Omar Girona of Oakwash creates small batch ceramics out of Louisiana. His southern charm has attracted a loyal fanbase of mug collectors and over the past two years he has transformed his small workbench into a full-on ceramics shop. He will have a number of mugs for purchase at this year’s Tiki Oasis event, featuring some unique glazes that have not previously been released. 

Tiki Tony

    If anyone has perfected the art of making small batch ceramics in a Southern California beach shack, it’s Tiki Tony. For Tiki Oasis Arizona, Tony has dusted off some past molds to produce iconic mugs such as the Moka Nui and Lava Hiva. Tony will also have a number of handmade mugs (not slipcast) available for purchase. We’re most excited for his pinch pot monkey mugs! When you stop by his booth, offer to pay him in bananas and tell him The Search for Tiki sent you. 

Crazy Al

    Crazy Al is one of the most recognizable names in Tiki. He works in multiple mediums, including wood and ceramics, and his work is on display in Tiki bars across the country. This year, we’re looking forward to seeing some of Al’s latest Artist Proof mugs, which will likely come in varying colors. Al’s attention to detail will please even the most discerning collector. If you’re not crazy for Tiki mugs yet, Al may be the artist to change that.

Jeff Granito

    Jeff Granito is a graphic designer with a BFA from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He creates wildly colorful Polynesian-inspired art and has worked with clients such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Nickelodeon! At this year’s Arizona Tiki Oasis, Jeff will have a number of mugs available for purchase in collaboration with Tikiland Trading Co. including a Rum Miser mug and two special limited editions of his Hiwa Sheba cat mugs in red and teal.

Tiki Maniacs

    Tiki Maniacs produces unique drinking vessels for those with a taste for the exotic and pop culture. This year they collaborated with Barry Williams for a mug inspired by Barry’s character “Groovy Greg” from a 1969 to 1974 television show. He is depicted wearing swimming trunks and a cursed Tiki idol necklace. The full color version of the mug was released online, but the 50th Anniversary Gold Groovy Greg edition will be available first to attendees of Tiki Oasis Arizona.

Motu Mikey

    Relatively new to the mug making scene but already making an impression is Motu Mikey! They will be bringing to Tiki Oasis Arizona some Bonehead mugs and some U’u mugs for their first vending experience. In addition to mugs, Motu Mikey will also have a limited number of “West Coast Tiki” and “East Coast Tiki” snapback hats for purchase. If you aren’t following them on Instagram already, here’s the link to their official page.

AbiNormal Tikis

    Looking for a one of a kind octopus mug or perhaps a different curiosity? You’ll want to stop by Regina Hurley’s AbiNormal Tikis booth. They make mugs in San Clemente, California, and this year’s mug selection includes Lovey, a poodle mug available in white, black, or silver, Diver Bob in Space, and Jumping Fleas, a mug depicting a dog that comes in light tan, brown, and black. Regina’s dog Jolie will help manage the booth, while Rich Hurley performs some magic. 

BigToe Art

    Tom “BigToe” Laura creates art with tongue-in-cheek humor inspired by Tiki, Kustom, and Surf cultures. This year, Tom will have a very limited number of Nightmarcher bowls, some Lava Letches from Frankie’s Tiki Room, the new “Other” mug from Tiki Farm, and some additional surprises as well. In addition to mugs, Tom will have deluxe art prints for sale to outfit your home Tiki bar. Tom is also giving a seminar on Friday, April 29, on Tiki in Pop Surrealist Art. Tickets to the seminar can be purchased here.

Doug Horne

    Few artists have had as significant an impact on the Tiki art community as Doug Horne. His work can be spotted in iconic bars such as Frankie’s Tiki Room and UnderTow (located near the Hotel Valley Ho). Doug will have plenty of art to choose from at his booth, as well as some of his most recently designed cocktail mugs, including The Search for Tiki’s own Bad Kitty mug! Other available mugs include Aku Aku’s Invisible Man mug, Nightmarcher Bowls, and some Satisfied Seal mugs.

Tiki Farm

    Not all Tiki mugs have to break the bank. Tiki Farm, the world’s largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs, knows a thing or two about ceramics. They have been producing some of the world’s most iconic and durable mugs for years. Tiki Farm has released several new designs recently, and we are looking forward to picking up some of their latest mugs.

Outl1n3 Island

    David “Outl1n3” of Outl1n3 Island has been sculpting for over a decade. His mugs often combine Tiki with Surf, Punk Rock and Psychobilly, for some unique rock ‘n roll mugs that cannot be found elsewhere. He will have a variety of new designs to choose from at Arizona Tiki Oasis.

Besides mugs, what else can I get at Tiki Oasis?

    Although we love mugs, Arizona Tiki Oasis has more to offer! Mug artists make up just a small fraction of the Marketplace vendors. Some other artists exhibiting at Tiki Oasis include:

  • Art of Scooter (Mid-century Modern and Tiki styled art)

  • Atomikitty (Art and artifacts)

  • Fancy Fruits (Swizzle crowns, hair flowers, and carnivorous alien plants)

  • James Owens Art (Original oil paintings and prints)

  • Kymm! Bang (Gravel art, jewelry, and stylings for your mid-mod life)

  • Olmac Tiki (Jewelry, pins, apparel, and art)

  • SHAG Store (Original art, limited edition prints, and books)

  • Surfside Sips (Reusable glass straws and cocktail picks)

  • Weena Bee (Paintings, action figures, and strange creations)

    For a complete list of vendors, visit the official Arizona Tiki Oasis Marketplace webpage here.

Still have questions?

    The answers to many questions can be found on the official website of Arizona Tiki Oasis. We will update this guide as more mug information becomes available and you can also subscribe to our digital newsletter here. If you see or would like to share with us a mug related announcement, please email us at We hope to see you at this year’s Arizona Tiki Oasis event! 

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