Tiki Tony Announces Baby Whippy Mug Presale Through Tikiland Trading

Image by Tiki Tony on Instagram

    In a surprise announcement on Instagram, Tiki Tony announced a new mug going on sale tonight. Baby Whippy is a dole whip inspired mug in Tiki Tony’s signature art style.

    Baby Whippy first appeared on a drink coaster designed by Tiki Tony in 2014. The other characters on the coaster became mugs as well over the years, including a toucan, pineapple, and parrot. Finally Baby Whippy is a mug as well!

    Two unique glazes have been revealed for the mug and Baby Whippy was sculpted by THOR for Tikiland Trading Co. It will be available for preorder today, February 7, at 6:00pm PST and 9:00pm EST through the official website of Tikiland Trading Co.

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