Tiki Whale Is Sheryl Schroeder’s First Tiki Mug Available For Preorder Through Tikiland Trading

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via Instagram

    Widely beloved artist Sheryl Schroeder has collaborated with Tikiland Trading Co. on her very first cocktail mug. The mug depicts a full bodied whale made to look as though it were carved from driftwood that has been accented with Polynesian-inspired etchings. It was sculpted by THOR, also known as Tom Thordarson, and it is being made overseas.

    Sheryl noted, “I’ve been painting my signature whale pieces on wood for several years now. I grew up on the beach and always have loved all ocean life, so sea animals have always been present and prominent in my art. I spent a lot of time in Hawaii over the years, and had been painting the Hawaiian fabric style onto my fish and sea creatures for a long time, then I made a whale and the rest was history. It became my best seller and my most beloved thing to make. When Anne and Joel approached me about making the whale into a mug I was blown away. I couldn’t be happier with the final product, it’s as if my wooden hand painted whales had sprung into perfect 3-D. They sprinkled magic dust and have brought my whale to life! I hope you love it as much as I do.”

     The new mug holds a whopping 38 fl. oz. and is about 13″ long with a solid weight of 2.8 lbs. Compared to other mugs, it’s capacity is similar to other cocktail bowls that are intended for use by more than one person.

     The Tiki Whale is now available for preorder through Tikiland Trading Co.’s website for $74, but Tikiland Trading has plans to increase the price to $94 at an undisclosed date. The mug is in production and expected to make landfall in March 2022, barring any unforeseen production delays.


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  1. I just signed up for this one but I’m curious about the functionality. Any thoughts on how well a straw is going to hold up in a short body that’s flat on the bottom?

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