Tikizilla and Taboo Planet Set To Face-off At High Noon On Friday For Tiki Maniacs Tiki Mug Release

Image by Tiki Maniacs

    Introducing the “Maniac Editions” of Tikizilla vs Taboo Planet mugs! Faust Acosta has “vandalized” twelve Taboo Planet mugs using his signature cold acrylic paint and automotive grade sealant, while Patrick Vassar lent his talents to some hand painted Tikizilla mugs. Both will be released on Friday at High Noon!

    For the Taboo Planet mug’s hula girl, Faust was inspired by Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Green Lady painting to make a “Green Hula Lady”. On Tikizilla, Patrick Vassar did some amazing work on the leis really bringing them to life (there are two lei varieties this time, one red/orange and the second magenta/pink). He also added details to Tikizilla’s eyes, teeth, and claws. Both mugs feature fiery lava bases.

    Tikizilla is limited to ten mugs and Taboo Planet has twelve. Both are hand numbered and include drink recipe cards. The mugs will be released on Friday, July 30, at 12:00pm PDT/3:00pm EDT  through the official website of Tiki Maniacs. Are you excited for this epic battle of Tiki mug domination?

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