Two New Glazes for Splendor & Riches Mug

Image by Mondo News via their Facebook

    Mondo is expanding their Splendor & Riches mug series with two new glazes titled “Mortuus” and “Exsanguine”. They are both limited editions, with 550 or less of each glaze being produced. The design is a collaboration between Becky Cloonan, Michael Bonanno, and Tufan Sezer.

    This tiki mug is part of Mondo’s Designer Series of mugs and features the Grim Reaper among many skulls and bones and was described by Mondo as “a cross between a Catholic candle and something from the Sediec Ossuary.” The reaper is holding a scythe and is featured with a hourglass that appears to have beams of light cascading from it.

    The Exsanguine version of Splendor and Riches features a white glaze base, with a red wipe. The Mortuus version of Splendor and Riches features a white glaze base, with a blue wipe. Both new glazes retail for $35 and weigh approximately 2 lbs. They stand 7″ tall and have a capacity of 22 fl. oz. 

    The mugs are now available from the official Mondo website and orders are expected to ship within 3-5 days. The original brown version is still available for purchase as well. You can read more about the 1st edition here.

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