VanTiki Blue Devil Giant Crab Claw Mug Is A Limited Edition of 150 Mugs

Image by VanTiki on Instagram

    Later today VanTiki will release it’s latest cocktail mug based on a fictitious creature of Mysterious Island. The Blue Devil Giant Crab Claw mug depicts an oversized crab claw in a greenish blue color.

    Available for presale starting Sunday, January 30, at 12:00pm PST and 3:00pm EST, the new mug stands 9½” tall and can hold approximately 16 fl. oz. The Giant Crab Claw mug’s unique design cannot be set down when holding a cocktail. It is a new design inspired but Henrik’s first and long since sold out slipcast mug.

    Each Crab Claw mug retails for $185 plus shipping. Purchases are limited to one per person/family/address. For additional information, follow VanTiki on Instagram. Mugs will be available for purchase through the official website of VanTiki.

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