VanTiki’s Latest Video Is A Masterclass On Making Plaster and Silicone Molds For Tiki Mugs

Image by VanTiki via Instagram

Video by VanTiki via YouTube

    VanTiki’s ongoing YouTube series Tiki Technical Tuesday continues with a new video on making plaster and silicone molds. The 40+ minute long video is essentially a masterclass for anyone looking to do large scale ceramic mug production. 

     Henrik, using his new Dead Bastard mug design as an example, illustrates how to create an initial plaster mold from a sculpt made with Monster Clay (or any similar material). He then creates a master silicone mold of the plaster mold, which will allow him to pour more than one Dead Bastard mug a day. 

    Did you find VanTiki’s latest video informative and are you excited for his Dead Bastard mug? Let us know in the comments!

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