Wasabi Green Creature From The Crab Rangoon Cocktail Mug Coming From The Black Lagoon Room

Image by The Black Lagoon Room via Facebook

   The newest Creature From The Crab Rangoon mug from The Black Lagoon Room has finished cooking! Available starting Saturday in a Wasabi Green open edition, the two-piece mug comes packed with a special enamel pin, embroidered “merit badge” patch, sticker, recipe card, and more!

    Produced by Munktiki Imports overseas, the Creature from the Crab Rangoon mug depicts a takeout food container housing a small creature with a single, giant eyeball peaking out over it’s top. The mug was previously released in several limited editions, including “Extra Spicy” Red and a “Leftovers” Blue.

    Each mug holds approximately 11 fluid ounces of cocktail and retails for $65. The mug has holes in the lid to hold a straw and chopsticks (included). Purchases will be limited to two per customer.

    The Wasabi Green edition of the mug will be available for purchase through the official website of The Black Lagoon Room starting Saturday, October 2nd, at 10:00am PDT and 1:00pm EDT. What do you think of the mug’s open edition colorway?

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