We Did It! You Helped Us Raise $50,000 For Disaster Relief In Maui. Mahalo!

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    We did it! In the final hours of our fundraiser, we surpassed the goal of $50,000 raised for the recovery of Maui. To everyone who donated a mug… or who tried to donate a mug… or who purchased a mug… or who tried to purchase a mug… THANK YOU! This fundraiser was successful because of you.
    I was not able to respond to everyone who emailed over the course of the past week and for that I am truly sorry. My candle was metaphorically burnt at both ends, but please know that I appreciate you and your generosity!
    Where do we go from here? It always feels weird to be “ending” a fundraiser, or calling it a “success”. After all, the people of Maui will be feeling the effects of the Lahaina wildfires for decades to come. The estimated cost to rebuild Lahaina is between $5.5-$6 billions dollars. There are a number of tiki organizations who are continuing to raise money for Maui:
  • We have a couple more items in our store, and maybe a handful of other items still to list! Click here to shop.
  • Tiki Don is doing a similar tiki mug sale to ours, except his on Facebook and auction style. The FOM (Fraternal Order of the Moai) is matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000.
  • Trader Vic’s Emeryville is hosting a “Mai Tai Madness for Maui Fundraiser” on Friday, August 25th featuring Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, Eve Bergeron, and Appleton 17.
  •  Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco and Hale Pele in Portland have announced “Maui Mondays” for every Monday in September.
  • Tiki Rob is planning to do some mug auctions/sales of his own to help raise money for Maui.
  • The New England Tiki Society will be hosting a “Tiki for Maui” event at Wusong Road Tiki Bar on September 18th. Tickets are almost sold out and on sale now.
  • And many others! Please feel free to write about other tiki fundraisers for Maui in the comments.

    You can also make a direct financial contribution to some of the same charities we are donating to. Here are a few we recommend:

  • The Maui Strong Fund was created to provide community resilience with resources for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The fund is currently being used to support communities affected by the wildfires on Maui. Click here to donate.
  • The Maui Food Bank is accepting both physical drop-off donations at various locations across Maui as well as online monetary donations on its website. Click here to donate.
  • A leader in disaster relief, the Hawaiʻi Red Cross is providing assistance and shelter to Maui fire victims. Click here to donate.
  • The Maui Humane Society is providing assistance to pets and people who are displaced by the recent wildfires. Click here to donate.
  • Maui United Way has set-up a fund specific for Maui fire disaster relief. All donations will provide direct relief to families and nonprofits directly affected by the Maui fire disaster. Click here to donate.
    SHIPPING UPDATE: My attention has been primarily focused this last week on raising funds for Hawaii! Many items purchased have already shipped. If you have not received an email from me yet, I will be working diligently over the next couple days. Thank you for being patient with me as we work to get you your item(s)!

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