2nd Edition MOTU Cocktail Mugs By StarrTiki Come In Two Unique Colorways And Debut Wednesday

MOTU 2nd Edition Teaser

Images by Jesse Starr of Starrtiki via their official website

    The first edition of Hale Pukaua MOTU, a three-piece tiki mug set from StarrTiki, sold out last year. If you missed out, a second edition in two new glazes will be available for purchase next week. The colors are named Awakening (a blue and purple fade) and Under Siege (a yellow and purple fade over a green color).

    Hale Pukaua MOTU is a stone fortress turned tiki bar where everyone comes to drink and tell stories. Several tiki elements decorate the caste, such as bamboo, a float in the eye, and hibiscus flowers. It also features the StarrTiki logo. The three mugs included in this set will nest together for display purposes. The left and right mugs have recesses that allow the center mug to sit into place.

    This mug will be made in house by StarrTiki in the USA (Florida). It was designed, 3D modeled and 3D printed by Jesse Starr of StarrTiki and Starr Creations. The second edition MOTU mug is a limited edition of 150 mugs per colorway. Each set is $150 plus tax and shipping. The mugs include a sticker, postcard, and a mystery gift.

    This tiki mug presale goes live Wednesday, March 31, at 3:00pm PST and 6:00pm EST. Mugs can be preordered through StarrTiki’s official website. Progress information will likely be shared on the Instagram page of StarrTiki. What do you think of the new colorways?

MOTU 2nd Edition Colors
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