Tonga Hut And Eekum Bookum Team Up To Bring You Drooling Bastard Mug In A Light Blue Glaze

Image by Tonga Hut via Instagram

    Fans of the Tonga Hut, North Hollywood’s oldest Tiki bar, will already be familiar with their line of Drooling Bastard cocktail mugs. The mugs are inspired by a lava rock statue that is part of a fountain at Tonga Hut. Now, the Drooling Bastard is being released in a new glaze.

    Drooling Bastard will come in a light blue glaze. The mugs have the “Tonga Hut” logo on their backside, but their edition size and pricing has not yet been revealed. 

    Eekum Bookum is a mug manufacturer headed by John Mulder out of a studio in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Its mugs are hand produced. Eekum Bookum is famous for producing highly detailed and creative mugs for some of the world’s largest Tiki events such as The Hukilau, Tiki Caliente and Tiki Oasis. It also manufactures Tiki mugs for bars and it produces its own line of Tiki mugs under the label Mulder142.

     The new Drooling Bastard mugs will be available in the parking lot of the Tonga Hut on Wednesday, March 31, at 1:00pm PST. Mugs will be limited to one per person and the Tonga Hut will also have branded hooded sweatshirts available for purchase.

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