A Closer Look at SHAG’s Star Wars Mugs

Images by Beeline Creative via Facebook

    While we knew Star Wars mugs by SHAG were on the way, the official designs have finally been revealed. Four new mugs are being released; Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Yoda. Each mug will be limited to an edition size of 500 and they will retail for $149.00 each. All four mugs will set you back almost a cool $600 (fortunately Geeki Tikis is offering free shipping on orders over $100). Each mug will come packaged with a Star Wars inspired swizzle and colorful box art.

    These mugs will be available today (07/22/2020) at 9:00am PDT on the Geeki Tikis website  and are being produced in partnership with Beeline Creative.

    How do you feel abou the price point of these mugs and will you be adding one (or all of them) to your collection? Let us know in the comments!


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