Star Wars Arcade Cabinet by Geeki Tikis

Image by Beeline Creative via Facebook

    Another last minute announcement by Beeline Creative was just made for Comic Con at home via social media. Their new Star Wars arcade cabinet tiki mug will have you feeling nostalgic. 

    The Star Wars Arcade Cabinet is an officially licensed mug and will hold approximately 16 fluid ounces. It is being sold by Geeki Tikis and it depicts a classic, upright arcade machine with Star Wars imagery of good vs the dark side. The Star Wars logo is “illuminated” on the videogame screen (does not actually light up), and TIE fighters and the famous Death Star are included in the imagery.

    This mug will be available today (07/22/2020) at 9:00am PDT on the Geeki Tikis website.

    Beeline Creative is also releasing a three pack of the Child from the hit series The Mandalorian today. You can read more about them here.


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