All Tiki Oasis Resort Passes Are Back In Stock And Available Now; Resort Has A Waiting List

Image by Tiki Oasis via Facebook

    We previously announced that the highest tier tickets for Tiki Oasis San Diego had sold out, but more have been made available. Included with each deluxe ticket is a new event mug by Eekum Bookum, which is inspired by the 1962 Riki Tiki that used to sit on top of the hotel pavilion.

    The new mug has a Tiki face with a multicolored lid and flame topper. The edition size is unknown, but it appears to have a mostly brown glaze. The Tiki that inspired the mug is still on campus at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego.

    Originally founded in 2001 in Palm Springs, California, Tiki Oasis is an annual event that is now located in San Diego. It is a gathering of Tiki-minded people for a tropical excursion of community, music, food and vendors. Each year the event is inspired by an exciting new theme and some themes from years past include “International Espionage,” “Party on Monster Island,” and “Yesterday’s Future, Today”. The event is produced by Otto and Baby Doe Von Stroheim and has inspired numerous Tiki mugs over the years that are both highly collectible and exclusive to the event.

    Basic Evening Resort Passes (valid Thursday through Saturday) start at $155, while Deluxe passes retail for $420. Tickets can be purchased through the official website of Tiki Oasis San Diego. The resort has sold out, but there is a waiting list that can be joined through this link.

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