Annual Tiki Week At The SHAG Store Event Teases Upcoming Mug Release In A Brilliant Red Glaze

Image by the SHAG Store on Instagram

    It’s that time of year again! Time for Tiki Week at the SHAG Store. Each year, the SHAG store in Palm Springs releases new and exciting products each day for one week. In previous years, they have released new Tiki mugs, aloha shirts, and limited edition art prints.

    This year we will likely see the release of SHAG’s exclusive version of the Tiki Ti’s 60th Anniversary Mug. Teased in both the promotional art for the event and on the Instagram page of Tiki Bauer, the mug has a brilliant red glaze.

    In other photos released on Instagram by the artist SHAG, a series of silhouettes appear to tease a second mug (possibly a new edition of the 2021 Tiki Oasis Arizona mug?), as well as new shirts, lamps, and chimineas. While many of these products will likely be available online, we suspect the chimineas will be released in person only due to shipping costs (but that’s just a guess). Either way, there is bound to be some exciting new releases this week! 

    Tiki Week at the SHAG Store begins Monday, January 10th, at 9:00am PST and 12:00pm EST through the official online website of the SHAG store.

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