The Ghost Of Dreaded Pirate Blackbeard Materializes In A New Mug From Munktiki Imports!

Image by Munktiki Imports via Instagram

    It’s a g-g-g-g-ghost! Munktiki Imports just released a new cocktail mug depicting Blackbeard’s Ghost. The pirate is depicted with a full beard, a skull-and-crossbones eye patch, and a decayed nose. The mug is available in both black and blue glazes.

    Blackbeard’s Ghost stands approximately 6″ tall and it has a capacity of 18 fl. oz., which is slightly larger than the standard Mai Tai glass. The name of the mug is written in gold lettering on the mug’s back side. Munktiki Imports mugs are produced in China, but they are sold out of Munktiki’s headquarters in Astoria, OR. 

    The mug is available now for $35 through the official website of Munktiki Imports. Will you be filling the hole in your nautical mug collection with Blackbeard’s Ghost?

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