B-Rex’s New Tiki Mug, LUKU, Has Taken Shape

Image by B-Rex via Instagram

    B-Rex has partnered with Munktiki Imports to bring you his latest tiki mug design, LUKU! The new mug features Brian Rechenmacher’s signature art style and has been 3D printed to demonstrate the model and sizing. 

     LUKU features an elongated nose, diamond-shaped eyes, and a flat back. The flat back allows for two of the mugs to stand back-to-back, or the mugs could be used as bookends. Since Munktiki allows mug orders to be divided into two color sets, we believe the mug will be released in two different glazes (though that is speculation and is not confirmed). The concept art released alongside the 3D model of this mug depicts a blue, purple, and black color scheme.

New Tiki Mug Design by B-Rex

     A release date for the mug is still to be determined, but December is a possibility. Pricing has not been released, either. 

    Those looking to preorder the LUKU mug should keep any eye out on Brian Rechenmacher’s official Instagram page. You can check out previous tiki mugs by B-Rex here.

    Are you exciting for LUKU? Let us know in the comments.

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