Wolftiki’s Newest Mug is The Nautilus

Image by Wolftiki via Facebook

    Fans of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea might recognize this ceramic tiki mug as Captain Nemo’s Nautilus submarine. Designed and sculpted by Wolftiki, this new mug depicts the submerged ship being attacked by a giant red squid. 

    The Nautilus and the Giant Squid is a large mug designed for two people with an approximate capacity of 16 fl. oz. It measures roughly 12″ long and features a hole for a straw. 

    The mug is being produced by Tiki Bauer and will be a limited edition of 200. Production is already well under way and is expected to be completed by the end of September, 2020. Mugs will ship out as they are completed directly by Tiki Bauer. 

    The Nautilus and the Giant Squid is available for purchase/preorder now via Wolftiki’s official website. It retails for $165 with an additional charge of $23 for shipping within the continental US. Will you be taking a voyage underwater and purchasing this mug for your collection? You can view more photos of it here.

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