Baby Doe Tiki Mug By MP Ceramics and John Mulder Has Sunglass Hat, Plus Earrings By TeeKi Togs

Images by Tiki Oasis via Facebook

    Baby Doe, the co-producer of Tiki Oasis and the Artistic Director of The Devil-Ettes and Tease-O-Rama, has been immortalized in a Tiki mug! MP Ceramics designed the mug, which features Baby Doe wearing her signature sunglass hat, earrings, and a lei. It is a project years in the making.

    The original design for this mug depicted Baby Doe exactly, but Baby Doe wanted a more cartoon face that could represent any of the girls at Tiki Oasis. She and MP Ceramics studied the ‘pearl earrings’ of vintage ceramic heads while creating this mug. They also referenced dozens of images featuring longer hair, shorter hair, and pulled back hair. Both the design and glaze for this mug went through multiple iterations until the design was perfected.

    The Baby Doe Sunglass Mug was sculpted and produced by John Mulder of Eekum Bookum in Florida. Eekum Bookum also produced the 2020 Paradise Point Takeover mug for Tiki Oasis, which has a new brown glaze. Each Baby Doe Sunglass Mug will retail for $125, which includes domestic shipping. 

    The earrings featured on this mug are extra special because they are added to the ceramic to give an extra level of depth. They were created by TeeKi Togs, and additional earrings are being sold with the mug for an upcharge of $20. The earrings are available in pink, gold, and pearl.

    Those looking to order the aqua glazed edition of the Baby Doe Sunglass Hat Mug will be able to do so via the official Tiki Oasis website today, December 16th at 8:00pm PDT. A pink edition will go on sale at a later date.


5 Comments Baby Doe Tiki Mug By MP Ceramics and John Mulder Has Sunglass Hat, Plus Earrings By TeeKi Togs

  1. When and where will these be available? They haven’t been on the Tiki Oasis page, including on 12-16-2020 at 2000 PST, or at least not yet.

    1. I believe the teal glaze has sold out (it was on the website when the brown edition of the Tiki Oasis Paradise Point mug was released, and it has since been removed). A second edition is coming toward the end of February, I believe.

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