Bat Guardian Camazotz Tiki Mugs By Tiki Shark And Jacob Medina Available In Two Different Glazes

Images by Tiki Shark via their Website

    The third Meso-American designed Tiki mug by Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker and Jacob Medina is now available for preorder. The Bat Guardian Camazots Tiki mug depicts a crouched figure with a bat-like head atop a stone face. Additional bats accent the rim of the mug. 

    Bat Guardian Camazots is available in two glazes, bone and blue stone. The mug stands 7½” tall, 3″ wide, and holds a significant 22 fluid ounces of cocktail. Camazotz, the name of the mug, translates into “death bat” in the K’iche language.

    Camazots is an open edition mug and features either red or green florescent eyes. Its expected delivery date is April of 2021. Tiki Shark’s newest mug is also preluded by the Kaan Took mug and the Jaguar Warrior mug, both of which are a part of his Meso-American series.

    Tiki Shark, also known as Brad Parker, is a an American cartoonist and painter known for his Tiki and low-brow art specializing in Hawaiian pop culture.

    The Bat Guardian Camazots mug is available for preorder now on Tiki Shark’s official website. When both glazes are purchased together, the initial price is discounted to $65. U.S. shipping is free, while shipping to Canada costs $70.

    Which glaze of the latest Mayan/Hawaiian mug is your favorite?

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