Bob’O’tay Tiki Mug By MP Is Inspired By The Carvings Of Andres Bumatay and Classic Icon Tiki Bob

Image by Mporium

    Mikel Parton’s newest cocktail mug, the Bob’O’tay, is available for purchase now through Mporium! It combines two classic Tiki icons into one mug; the Bumatay and Tiki Bob. It is a limited edition import mug with a light chartreuse color glaze.

    The design concept for Bob’O’tay was shared a while ago, but the final product almost didn’t happen. The Mporium website described the process of working on the import mug as “confusing, long and frustrating” but fortunately in the end Bob’O’tay came to fruition! Only the 50 best mugs are being sold, with the rest being saved for customs later.

    Bob’O’tay retails for $100 each and the mugs are packaged up and ready to ship. Orders are limited to one per person and international shipping is not available. Mugs can be purchased through the official Mporium website.

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