Can You Guess VanTiki’s Newest Cocktail Mug Design In This Week’s Tiki Technical Tuesday?

Image by VanTiki via Instagram

    Henrik’s newest Tiki Technical Tuesday video is a mug guessing game. He does announce the mug (and reveal the sculpt) by the end of the video, but followers can try guessing the mug while watching Henrik sculpt.

    If you want to see VanTiki’s newest reveal, episode #52 of Tiki Technical Tuesday can be viewed here. Otherwise, SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading, because we’re going to give away some information about this mug four years in the making.

    In VanTiki’s latest video, Henrik gives us three hints to guess the mug:

  • Hint #1: It is an Animal.
  • Hint #2: It is a sea critter.
  • Hint #3: It is a homage mug.

    Still not sure? Henrik reveals the concept about seven minutes into the video. VanTiki’s newest cocktail mug is the Ammonite from Mysterious Island, the 1961 film. Instead of recreating the Ammonite directly from the source material, this mug will depict the sea monster as a little, gentle baby skittering along the sea floor. Henrik says, “Perhaps the people that lived on Mysterious Island would like to capture these creatures and drink cocktails out of them.” Oh my!

    We would feel sorry for the poor little Ammonite, but we’re probably going to do the same as the inhabitants of Mysterious Island. What do you think of VanTiki’s upcoming cocktail mug? Are you as excited as we are?

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