Pelican Tiki Mug By Eekum Bookum Is Available In Person At Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails

Image by Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails via Facebook

    Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails is celebrating their Aloha Room Pop-up in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a new cocktail mug from John Mulder and the team at Eekum Bookum. The mug depicts a Pelican atop a pier post, with a traditional Tiki face carved into an adjourning pier post. Nautical ropes accentuate the mug.

    “Aloha”, “Intermezzo”, and “St Petersburg” are written on the back of the this mug. It is also decorated with some barnacles. The mug features a traditional and elegant brown glaze with a black wipe. The Tiki face on the front is inspired by Treasure Craft ceramics of the 1950s.

    Eekum Bookum is a mug manufacturer based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Its mugs are hand produced. Eekum Bookum is famous for producing highly detailed and creative mugs for some of the world’s largest Tiki events such as The Hukilau, Tiki Caliente and Tiki Oasis. It also manufactures Tiki mugs for bars and it produces its own line of Tiki mugs under the label Mulder142.

    The new mug is available for in-person purchase immediately. Each mug retails for $80 and there will likely be a limit of one mug per person. It is a Limited Edition of 100. What do you think of the latest cocktail mug from Eekum Bookum?

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