Castaway Bowl by Tiki Diablo

Castaway Bowl Tiki Mug Concept Art

Image by Tiki Diablo via Instagram

    Should you find yourself cast away at sea (or perhaps drowning in rum), this Swiss Family Robinson tiki mug (is it a mug?) could be your lifeline. In the live action Disney film, barrels are tied together to carry a shipwrecked family, supplies, and animals ashore. 

    Not very many details about this mug have been announced, but we have every reason to believe this mug will be handmade in the USA like Tiki Diablo’s other mugs. One thing we know for certain is that this mug will have a large capacity and drinks are intended to be shared with ohana.

    Tiki Diablo is widely considered one of the best and most diversified creator of tiki mugs. He designs, sculpts, glazes, manufactures, and sells his own mugs. In addition to creating ceramics, Tiki Diablo also specializes in full venue design and decor. Each mug designed by Tiki Diablo tells a unique story, set to captivate the drinker or collector.

    While information regarding the sale of this mug is not yet available, we will keep you posted when there is an update.

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