New Glaze for TU 3rd Anniversary Mug

Tiki Underground 3rd Anniversary Blue Glaze

Image by Tiki Underground via their Website

    A beautiful new blue green glaze is now available for Tiki Underground’s 3rd Anniversary mug. It is designed and produced by John Mulder of Eekum Bookum and only a select number of mugs will be produced in this glaze.

  The original mug was released for the third anniversary of Tiki Underground. It depicts a bone thin monkey wearing a fez and clutching a tiki. The fez and tiki are odes to previous Tiki Underground anniversary mugs. 

    This mug will be approximately 6″ tall and will hold around 18 fl. oz. of your favorite cocktail. It is being sold with two Tiki Underground swizzles produced by Royer Corp.

   The blue edition is expected to ship in June, but you can order it now via Tiki Underground’s official online store for $99.00. It is available with shipping or for pick-up at Tiki Underground.

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