Cave of Wonders by Mondo

Image by Mondo News via their Website

    The latest tiki mug announced by Mondo packs phenomenal cosmic powers in an itty bitty living space! Their Cave of Wonders mug is an officially licensed tiki mug from Disney’s animated movie Aladdin. In the film, the Cave of Wonders is a hidden cavern overflowing with vast riches and magical artifacts (including a magic lamp which grants its keeper three wishes). 

    The mug will be sold in November of this year for an estimated retail price of $60. It is a more budget friendly option compared to the officially licensed SHAG Star Wars mugs released earlier this week on Geeki Tikis (for $149). 

    Cave of Wonders will be available in three different glazes. The brown and orange glazes might match the tiki mugs in your collection better, but the blue and yellow glaze offers something truly unique. We think the blue version will sell out the fastest. The back of the mug depicts Aladdin holding the genie’s lamp

    When the mugs do go on sale this November, you will most likely be able to purchase them from the official Mondo website.

    Which of the three Cave of Wonder glazes is your favorite?


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  1. Def the blue and yellow! The brown is nice to but that blue is so unique and love how it makes me feel like it’s exactly like the movie! Now I just have to not miss it when it goes on sale! Hopefully there will be updates on the exact date closer.

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