First Official Godzilla Tiki Mug by Mondo

Image by Mondo News via their Website

    Another tiki mug of monster proportions was recently announced by Mondo and Toho! It will be the first official Gozilla tiki mug ever produced. The mug depicts the towering beast atop a rocky platform with stylized waves crashing along the base. It is inspired by the 1974 Godzillla.

     The Gozilla mug was designed by Mondo Creative Directors Mike Bonnano and Hector Arce and was sculpted by Tufan Sezer. An official glaze has not yet been revealed, so the mug is likely still in production.

        Mondo is an American design company that is famous for its limited edition tiki mugs, collectibles and screen printed posters. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Many of the tiki mugs Mondo has produced over the years feature prominent characters from some of the world’s biggest films and television series and they are working on an ongoing designer artist series of mugs.

    You can check out some previously released tiki mugs by Mondo here.


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