Celebrate Halloween With New Pumpkin Cat Tiki Mug From Tiki Tony And Tikiland Trading Co.

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via their Instagram

    Tiki tOny’s newest cocktail mug for Tikiland Trading Co. depicts a spooky black cat sticking its head out of a jack-o-lantern! The adorable kitty is wearing a festive hat and the mug is a limited edition made in California.

    Pumpkin Kitty Tiki Mug was sculpted by THOR and produced by Tikiland Trading Company just in time for the Halloween season. Only 300 mugs were made and they hold about 26 fluid ounces of beverage each.

    Tiki tOny is a renowned artist who designs Tiki mugs out of his beachcomber shack in partnership with Tikiland Trading Co. He organizes the Adventureland Day event at Disneyland and he also organizes charity events featuring his famous Adventureland Rover.

    Tikiland Trading Company’s Mug Society members will get early access to the mug. For everyone else, Pumpkin Kitty Tiki Mug will be available for purchase through Tikiland Trading Co.’s official website starting on Sunday, October 17, at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT.

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