West Coast Shrunken Salesman Mug Will Be Released This Tuesday By The Shrunken Monkey

Image by The Shrunken Monkey via Instagram

    The Shrunken Monkey has announced a sale date for a follow-up to their popular Shrunken Salesman cocktail mug. The first mug depicted the shrunken head of Magic Kingdom’s Trader Sam, but this new project tackles Disneyland’s version of the Jungle Cruise character.

    Trader Sam in Anaheim, CA and Trader Sam in Orlando, FL look different. The Magic Kingdom version was for a time called “Chief Namee” but he had his name officially changed back to “Trader Sam” in 2009. Depending on who you ask, the character in Orlando may instead be identified as the cousin of Trader Sam in Disneyland, which would make Disneyland’s version of Trader Sam the official one. However both versions of Trader Sam were recently removed from their respective attractions as part of an attraction remodel by the Walt Disney Company.

    The new West Coast Shrunken Salesman mug has been handmade in the United States by Shrunken Monkey based on a sculpt by Tanner Perks. There are six color variants that will be shipped at random with a limit of two mugs per person/address. Each mug stands 7½” tall and holds approximately 24 fluid ounces of cocktail. Mugs will be available for purchase through The Shrunken Monkey’s official website starting this Tuesday, October 19 at 6:00pm PDT and 9:00pm EDT for $165 plus shipping.

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