Cocktail Recipe Feature Announced For The Search For Tiki Will Include Several Exotic Drinks

Images by The Search for Tiki of a mugs designed by Odd Rodney, Bai Tiki, Tiki Rob, and Munktiki

    We’ve been working on a new addition to The Search for Tiki; a cocktail recipe page! The new page will showcase the history and ingredients behind many famous cocktails that are commonly served in tiki bars and home bars across the United States.

    The new feature is expected to launch in April. Each recipe will feature photos of drinks both in a tiki/cocktail mug and in a glass. The recipes will be sized appropriately for ceramic mugs, which tend to be larger than traditional glasses. Some of the recipes featured will include the Suffering Bastard, Three Dots and a Dash, and the Singapore Sling.

    We are testing each recipe firsthand to ensure each cocktail meets our standards (and matches our taste buds). What recipes would you like to see featured on The Search for Tiki? Let us know in the comments!

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