Great Stone Dragon By Oakwash Will Likely Be Available For Preorder By End Of March

Image by Oakwash via Instagram

    Oakwash is preparing a new line of mugs for 2021, including a mug named Great Stone Dragon. The name of Omar’s new mug is loosely based on Mulan, but the mug depicts a Polynesian-inspired twist on a lost relic unearthed after many years. Glaze testing for this mug will be conducted soon. It is anticipated to be a limited edition mug of 200 featuring a stone finish.

     Preorders for the Great Stone Dragon have not yet been announced, but they are expected to launch by the end of this month. The mug will retail for $125 each and will ship no later than December 2021. If multiple mugs are preordered through the Oakwash website, a separate shipping charge will be applied to each mug because each mug ships separately.

    Oakwash is a design studio headed by Omar Girona. It designs and produces ceramic tiki mugs and many of its designs are inspired by Adventureland from the Disney theme parks.

    For more information on Omar Girona’s mugs, we recommend checking out the official Oakwash Instagram. The Great Stone Dragon will eventually go on sale via the official Oakwash website.

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