Darth Vader Inspired Cocktail Mug 3D Sculpted By THOR Is Available For Purchase Now

Image by Trader Vader via Instagram

    Trader Vader’s Mustafar Lava Tiki Mug has officially been released. The mug depicts the bust of Sith Lord Darth Vader as a Moai head in a black lava glaze. The interior is a bright orange. It was designed by Allan Thompson and 3D sculpted by THOR for Trader Vader’s Tiki Cantina.

    The Mustafar Lava mug was manufactured in the United States by Tiki Bauer. It retails for $100, plus shipping, and comes with a custom swizzle, coaster, sticker, and a poker chip.

    THOR is a man of many talents. In addition to bringing to life some of the world’s best theme park attractions, he also creates elaborate paintings and designs tiki mugs. His art style is rich in narrative and distinctive.

    Bauer Pottery was founded in Kentucky, but is now based out of Los Angeles, California. They produce a variety of ceramics, including tiki mugs, dinnerwear and petware. Their foray into tiki mugs began in December of 2007 with the introduction of several mugs, such as Surfer Girl, Big Mouth and Two Face. Once the large demand for their mugs had been determined, Bauer Pottery released several designs in limited runs on their website.

    The Mustafar Lava cocktail mug is now available for purchase on the official Etsy shop of Trader Vader. The shop opened in 2014 and currently has a five star rating.

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