Desert Marquesan Mug Announced By Rumwild Was Designed By Doug Horne And Made By Vassar

Image from Rumwild’s Instagram

    Desert Marquesan depicts a standing Marquesan style Tiki with a massive black scorpion hitchhiking on its back. The pincers of the scorpion wrap around the mug to form the eyes of the Tiki. Patrick Vassar hand sculpted the mug and Monkey Skull manufactured it. The design is Doug Horne’s.

    The new mug features a mostly turquoise blue glaze with patina accents and stands approximately 9″ tall. It can hold between 16 and 18 fl. oz. of cocktail. It is a Limited Edition of 75 mugs and it is manufactured in the United States.

    Doug Horne creates original art and Tiki mugs out of Long Beach, California. His work frequently depicts animals, nautical references, and the Universal monsters.

    Patrick Vassar, also known as The Green Tiki, sculpts Tiki mugs and creates tattoos, paintings, and carvings. He has over 25 years of tattoo experience and specializes in all styles, including traditional and Polynesian style tattoos.

    Desert Marquesan goes on sale this Friday, July 2, at approximately 8:00am PDT and 11:00am EDT. It will be sold through the Instagram page of Rumwild. Each mug retails for $135 plus shipping and comes with a cocktail recipe card. 

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