Doctor Plague is the Latest Ceramic Drinking Vessel From Promistyx

Image by Promistyx via Facebook

    Promistyx is reminding us that “something wicked this way comes” with the announcement of their next ceramic mug. Announced via a series of teasers on their social media page, the Doctor Plague Tiki Mug depicts a cloaked figure holding a staff and lantern while wearing a plague doctor mask.

    The mug is expected to “launch” in three days and will come in two unique glazes. Doctor Plague is a concept being crowdfunded via an Indiegogo campaign. Indiegogo is similar to Kickstarter, but unlike Kickstarter creators can receive funding even if they fall short of their projected goal.

    Promistyx is a Los Angeles based designer who creates enamel pins and screen printed t-shirts, as well as ceramic drinking vessels. They previously crowdfunded the Hell Fire canon mugs, which were produced by Bauer Pottery.

     For more information on the Doctor Plague Tiki Mug we recommend following Promistyx on Facebook.

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