Pineapple-themed Stack-O-Gold Cocktail Mug By Home Aloha Now Available

Image by Home Aloha Co. via their website

    Home Aloha Co has a brand new limited edition cocktail mug for sale called the Stack-O-Gold. It is a 3-piece set that depicts a totem of circular pineapple discs. It was sculpted and produced by Mikel Parton, also known as MP Ceramics.

    Stack-O-Gold stands approximately 7″ tall and features a detachable lid. It has a fitting yellow glaze. It also comes with a stainless steel and ceramic cocktail cherry skewer for drink garnishes. This particular edition is the first of two limited runs of 50 mugs. The second edition will feature a green cocktail cherry and is expected to go on sale in early 2021.

    Each Stack-O-Gold mug comes packaged in a labelled tin pineapple juice can, with a Stack-O-Gold Cocktail recipe on the label. It retails for $175 plus shipping and is available to purchase via the official Home Aloha website.

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