The Captain’s Companion by UnderTow

Image by Eekum Bookum via Facebook

    Better clear some space on your UnderTow shelf! Their new tiki mug, The Captain’s Companion, just went live on UnderTow’s official website. The site crashed briefly after they listed the new mugs, perhaps due to a sudden increase in traffic.

    The new mug depicts a Dodo bird, which is an extinct flightless bird endemic to an island east of Madagascar. He stands proudly above a rum crate and a netted glass float. The glaze on the mug, a muted and washed golden brown, will match the glaze on their previously released Captain Mallory mug.

    Eekum Bookum teased the new mug via Facebook on July 8th. Doug Horne designed the mug and John Mulder and Eekum Bookum produced the mug. The Dodo bird depicted in this mug matches the Dodo bird depicted in UnderTow’s famous painting.

    The Captain’s Companion retails for $175 and is available for pickup only. If you purchased the Captain Mallory mug previously, you can request a matching edition number when you order the mug online in advance of pick-up.

    Those looking to order The Captain’s Companion mug can do so now on UnderTow’s official website.

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