The Child Mini Muglets by Beeline Creative

Image by Beeline Creative via Facebook

    The force is strong with these new tiki muglets from Beeline Creative! The three piece set is debuting for San Diego Comic-Con at home and depicts The Child from the very popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

    The set depicts The Child (also known as Baby Yoda) eating one of his favorite snacks (a frog) in three distinct poses. One mug has The Child holding a frog, the second has him eating the frog, and the third mug depicts The Child satisfied with his eyes closed and a full belly.

    These mugs will be available this Wednesday, July 22 at 9:00am PDT as part of the Geeki Tikis line. They will be sold as a set. Larger versions of The Child have been announced previously, including one version with him holding a coconut bowl of soup that is viewable here.

    Will you be adding these three mugs to your collection?


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