Donate to The Search for Tiki and Get Free “Seasons of Tiki” Postcard By Corey Smith Creative

Artwork featured on postcard was designed by Corey Smith Creative

    Tiki is our passion and we are so excited to continue growing our community and adding exciting new features to The Search for Tiki. We appreciate everyone’s support. Building a website is expensive and time consuming, but you can help with a one time donation. Your generosity will go toward keeping The Search for Tiki’s lights on and it will allow us to continue adding new mugs and exciting new features. As a thank you, we will mail you a free postcard with artwork designed by Corey Smith Creative!

    The “Seasons of Tiki” postcard features four Tikis enjoying the unique qualities of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It was designed by Corey to enhance the “coming soon” section of our website. You can donate to the Search for Tiki here to recieve your free postcard.

    For those able to contribute monthly, our Patreon allows users to get priority access to new Tiki mugs such as our upcoming limited edition “Satisfied Seal” and “Trouble in Paradise” mugs. Patreon supporters will be limited to 135 to ensure every supporter has a chance to obtain our mugs. 

    Please note: The Search for Tiki LLC is not a non-profit organization. Donations are non-refundable and are not tax deductible.

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