Everyone Knows Godzilla… But Have You Met Tikizilla?

Image by Tiki Maniacs via Facebook

    Introducing the top of the primordial tiki ecosystem, a god for all intents and purposes…Tikizilla! The latest mug designed and sculpted by Patrick Vassar for Tiki Maniacs is on the way.

    Tikizilla depicts the epic motion picture monster Godzilla wearing a lei and strumming a tiki-styled ukulele. His monstrous tail wraps around his back forming a unique scorpion handle for the mug. It looks like the Tikizilla will feature a forest green glaze with brown and purple accents, but only the concept art has been revealed so far.

    This ceramic tiki mug will be a limited edition of 150 mugs and is being produced by Monkey Skull in St. Petersburg. Monkey Skull also recently produced the 80 Fathoms mugs for Lost Temple Traders.

    A release date for this mug has not yet been released, but production is currently underway and they are likely to go on sale before Halloween. 

    Those looking to order the Tikizilla mug should keep any eye out on Tiki Maniac’s official Instagram for updates.

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