Forbidden Sub Tiki Mug By Forbidden Island On Sale Soon

Image by Michael Thanos (Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge) via Facebook

    Captains beware! These waters are uncharted territory. The new mug from Forbidden Island, named the Forbidden Sub, is heading your way. It was designed by Doug Horne and is being produced by Munktiki ImportsIt will be a limited edition of 500.

    Forbidden Sub depicts a battleship grey submarine out of water being strangled by a huge, orange tentacle. Blueish green waves form violently below the sub. The “Forbidden Island” logo is raised on one side of the mug.

    Each mug will measure approximately 8″ wide and 4″ tall and will have a capacity of around 18-20 fl. oz. A recipe card for a cocktail named Infinite Coastline will be included with the mug.

    Forbidden Island is a lively tiki lounge featuring decorative exotica and located in Alameda, California. It features a wide array of classic and contemporary cocktails and contributed to the 21st century tiki resurgence when it opened in 2006.

    The tiki mug goes on sale this Monday, September 7th, at 12:00pm PST and will be strictly limited to two mugs per person. If you want to purchase a Forbidden Sub tiki mug (or two!) you will be able to do so via Forbidden Island’s official website.

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