Faceless Bastard Tiki Mug Depicts No Face From Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away After A Meal

Image by Coxswain Dunsel via Instagram

    Those anxiously awaiting someone (anyone!) to do a Spirited Away inspired Tiki mug might appreciate the latest sculpt from Coxswain Dunsel. Coxswain has combined No Face from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away with the Suffering Bastard design that is common amongst Tiki mugs.

    The Faceless Bastard (also known as No Face) was announced via Instagram on October 27, but Coxswain just finished sculpting the design and has since updated his Instagram account. The mug depicts No Face sitting down after having presumably eaten several unsuspecting gold diggers.

    The mug has not yet received the glaze treatment, but the design illustration shows a mostly black mug with a red tongue and white mask.

    Previously Coxswain Dunsel, also known as Corey DeWitt, has released mugs such as Dead Man’s Wager and Gollum (Shrunk Smeagol). His first real exposure to the Tiki community, outside of Oahu, was Lei low in Houston, Texas. In addition to creating Tiki mugs, Corey sells and appraises airplanes.

    Faceless Bastard is still a ways from being released, but we suspect a price and date will eventually be posted on Coxswain Dunsel’s official website.

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