Forbidden Island Celebrates 15th Anniversary With New Mug Designed By Tiki Shark

Image by Michael Thanos (Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge) via Facebook

    A new cocktail mug depicting a full figured Tiki carrying a woman is being released by Forbidden Island starting today. The mug was designed by Tiki Shark and has been produced by Munktiki Imports. It comes in two unique glazes, including one where the woman is wearing a red dress and one where she is weaing a black dress.

    The new mug is Forbidden Island’s 15 Anniversary mug, so it fittingly says so on the back of the mug. The back of it also features a skull, bones, and tropical leaves. The main Tiki is depicted in a glossy brown glaze.

    Forbidden Island is a lively Tiki lounge featuring decorative exotica and located in Alameda, California. It features a wide array of classic and contemporary cocktails and contributed to the 21st century Tiki resurgence when it opened in 2006.

    Mugs will be available in person at Forbidden Island starting today, May 23, at 12:00pm PDT and 3:00pm EST. Reservations are highly recommended during open bar hours. Mugs will also be available online one day later, May 24, on Forbidden Island’s official website.

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One Comment Forbidden Island Celebrates 15th Anniversary With New Mug Designed By Tiki Shark

  1. I got a red and a black one. Unfortunately, the arms/aldy are glued on to the body of the mug. Yes, glued. One of the two mugs arrived in two pieces. Troubling design.

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