Kaduku The Witch Doctor Mug From Lost Temple Traders And Atomica Exotica Arrives Friday

Images by Lost Temple Traders via Instagram

    Two glazes coming for Atomica Exotica’s new witch doctor mug have been revealed, including a matte green version with white accents and a bone wipe edition. Each glaze is a limited to 250 mugs and the sculpt itself depicts a witch doctor with bulging eyes, a bone piercing, a skull and crossbones hat, and a shrunken head necklace.

    Atomica Exotica is best known for their vinyl toys on Instagram. They have previously released witch doctor vinyl figurines as well.

    Lost Temple Traders, founded in 2018, sells both limited edition Tiki mugs and collectible pins. Their products feature iconic images from adventure stories, including traveling headhunters and camp raiding monkeys. Recently their Swirly Bob mug, a mug juxtaposition of a Dole Whip and Tiki Bob, sold out within minutes.

     Kaduku the Witch Doctor officially goes on sale this Friday, May 28, 2021, at 9:00am PDT and 12:00pm EST. Once available, mugs can be purchased through this website. Are you hoping to score a Witch Doctor mug and, if so, which glaze do you prefer?

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