Four Eyed Frankie by SHAG

Four Eyed Frankie Tiki Mug

Image by SHAG store via their Instagram

    If you’re a big fan of SHAG and Frankie’s Tiki Room, then you’re in luck! A new glaze is up for sale of the Four Eyed Frankie tiki mug. The mug depicts a standing four-eyed tiki accentuated by poker card symbols.

    The new glaze was originally created for the 10th Anniversary of Frankie’s in Las Vegas, but with so many 2020 events cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mug is being released exclusively on the official SHAG store.

    This special edition glaze is a very limited edition of only 100. The mug retails for $199.99, with a strict limit of two mugs per household being enforced. Four Eyed Frankie also comes with a special Certificate of Authenticity insert.

    All of these mugs are handmade in the United States by Eekum Bookum. As such, each mug wil be unique with slight variations in glaze. They are approximately 3″ wide and 8½” tall.

    Those looking to order the new Four Eyed Frankie tiki mug can do so now on the official Shag Store website. You can also check out the original Four Eyed Frankie tiki mug and add it to your wishlist here.

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