Two New Mugs by Tiki tOny

Two new Tikiland Trading Mugs

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via their Website

    Feeling adventurous? Two new tiki mugs were recently announced by Tiki tOny and Tikiland Trading Co. “Lost Adventurer” depicts an old explorer with a mustache wearing a hat, but half of his face has rotted away to the bone. “Head Stack” is a tiki totem featuring three unique heads that depict the “three stages of existence”. The top head is a basic skull, the middle is a shrunken head, and the bottom a lively face with Polynesian-looking markings.

    This mug is designed in California, but will be imported. Dimensions and capacity have not yet been announced, but the Lost Adventurer will likely stand around 6″ tall and the Head stack will stand around 9-10″ tall. It will likely be similiar in feel and weight to Tiki tOny’s previously released Mermaid mug. No sculpt has officially been revealed yet and the design is subject to change. The edition size of this mug has not been announced and will likely be determined by the number of preorders sold.

    Those looking to preorder these mugs can do so now on Tikiland Trading Co.’s website. Both mugs are $75 (includes US shipping) or $125 combined. They will eventually go up in price by twenty dollars each after July 4th, 2020. They are expected to ship in Early 2021.

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