Head Salesman Tiki Mug By Tiki Tum And Lost Temple Traders Available For Purchase Wednesday

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Facebook

    The new Head Salesman Tiki mug by Lost Temple Traders and Tiki Tum goes on sale this Wednesday. It is part of an Artist Series that embraces different artists working right now by showcasing their unique styles. This particular mug features a wood-inspired glaze on a masked head salesman holding a skull.

    Head Salesman is a very large mug standing just under 12″ tall. It is a limited edition of 200 and is going on sale Wednesday, December 30, 2020, at 9:00am PST and 12:00pm EST. Mugs are expected to ship next week, though a shipping notification may arrive sooner. The mug was originally announced in our interview with Tiki Tum that can be viewed here.

    The designer, Tiki Tum, is also known as Paul Briggs. Paul is Co-Director of Raya and the Last Dragon at Disney Animation and creates Tiki and oceania inspired drawings via his Instagram. His design has been sculpted by the incredibly talented Squid and is being produced by the folks at Tiki Bauer.

    Squid, also known as Dave Cohen, is a sculptor of tiki mugs, an illustrator, a type designer, and a musician. He has sculpted over 200 mugs.

    Bauer Pottery, also known as Tiki Bauer, was founded in Kentucky, but is now based out of Los Angeles, California. They produce a variety of ceramics, including Tiki mugs, dinnerwear and petware. Their foray into tiki mugs began in December of 2007 with the introduction of several mugs, such as Surfer Girl, Big Mouth and Two Face. Once the large demand for their mugs had been determined, Bauer Pottery released several designs in limited runs on their website.

    The Head Salesman mug will be available for purchase via the official website of Lost Temple Traders. Will you be adding one to your collection?


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