Highly Anticipated Hammerhead Shark Bowl By Shima Ceramics Goes On Sale Tonight; May 31

Image by Shima Ceramics via Instagram

    The original Hammerhead Shark Bowl by Shima Ceramics sold out a long time ago, but a new version will debut tonight. Most of the new bowls have been glazed in a Bondi Blue color, but several Artist Proof mugs in a variety of colors will also be available.

    The new shark bowl holds a whopping 50 fluid ounces of cocktail and has been completely re-sculpted by hand. Bondi Blue bowls will retail for $175 each, but a number of bowls with minor cracks on the bottom (non-leaking) will be available at a discounted rate for the budget conscious.

    Shima Ceramics is a ceramic company headed by Chris Shima, who creates deviant oddities by hand in Port Costa, California.

    Those hoping to secure a Hammerhead Shark Bowl can do so through the official website of Shima Ceramices May 31 at 6:00pm PDT and 9:00pm EDT. Photos of the mug have been shared on Shima Ceramics’ Instagram page. Which glaze is your favorite?

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