Introducing The Bad Kitty Tiki Mug Designed By Doug Horne

Original Artwork by Doug Horne for The Search for Tiki

3D Sculpt by The Lost Idols Company

Mug Dimensions by Munktiki

    We are excited to announce our newest collaboration with Doug Horne, the Bad Kitty Tiki Mug. The mug depicts a cat using a classic Polynesian Pop Tiki carving from the 1960’s as a scratching post. The depicted Tiki draws inspiration from the work of Andres Bumatay. Doug Horne creates original art and Tiki mugs out of Long Beach, California. His work frequently depicts animals, nautical references, and the Universal monsters.

    The Bad Kitty Tiki Mug has been 3D sculpted by The Lost Idols Company and is being manufactured by Munktiki Imports. It will stand approximately 7¾” tall and will feature orange, brown, and green colored glazes. Bad Kitty Tiki Mug can hold around 18 fl. oz. of your favorite cocktail and is a Limited Edition of 500. The mug is being tooled and is under glaze test review. We will strive to make the glaze on the final product as close to the original artwork as possible.

    This mug is expected to ship Spring 2021, but it will be available for preorder this Friday, October 16, at 12:00pm PDT/3:00pm EST. Supporters of The Search for Tiki on Patreon will be given the opportunity to preorder the Bad Kitty Tiki Mug before anyone else, approximately 24 hours earlier.

    Those looking to preorder the Bad Kitty Tiki Mug will be able to do so via The Search for Tiki’s official shop.

    We believe in full transparency regarding our Tiki Mug preorders. If you have any questions regarding this mug, or any of our other Tiki Mugs, please feel free to contact us here. For those interested in our Satisfied Seal Mug, also designed by Doug Horne, we will be sharing more details soon. It will be produced in the USA and it will be a limited edition of 200. You can add it to your wishlist here.

    Are you excited for the Bad Kitty Tiki Mug? Let us know in the comments!

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Original Artwork by Doug Horne for The Search for Tiki

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