Island Girl From Munktiki and BigToe Arrives Today

Image by BigToe via Facebook

    Island Girl is a new tiki mug produced by Munktiki that is based on a BigToe painting called “Forbidden Island.” The mug will be available today at the Hardcore Tiki Marketplace located at The Bamboo Club, in addition to other mugs designed by BigToe.

    The new mug depicts a topless woman with wind in her hair standing in front of a traditional tiki statue and looking out over a body of water. In the water there is a ship and green mountains fill in the landscape. The top and bottom of the mug feature brown “carved” rims.

    Big Toe, also known as Tom Laura, was born in Los Angeles and lives in Southern California. In addition to designing Tiki mugs, Big Toe has created apparel and designs for numerous surf companies, such as Quicksilver, O’Neill and Op. He is known for his acrylic paintings.

    Munktiki, founded in 2000, is a widely acclaimed ceramics studio based out of Astoria, Oregon. It is comprised of Miles Nielsen and his “Dad” Paul Nielsen, both of whom started their careers in ceramics at an early age. Munktiki offers both custom and wholesale orders of tiki mugs.

    Are you looking forward to adding Island Girl to your collection?

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