Stackable Asmat Cannibal Skulls by Strong Water

Image by Strong Water Anaheim via Facebook, with credit to Sarah King Photography

    Strong Water in Anaheim, California recently announced some new tiki mugs on the way. Their new mug, the Asmat Cannibal Skull, will be available in Red Iron Oxid and Cobalt Blue glazes and each will come packaged in a specially designed box.

    The Asmat are an ethnic group of New Guinea, residing in the Papua province of Indonesia. The Asmat Cannibal skull mug depicts skulls of the Asmat, which can be stacked together in a totem formation or “pile of skulls”.

    The mugs were designed and sculpted by Trevor Foster and their packaging was designed by Robert Adamson. The mugs will be available both in person at the Strong Water bar and online, with the launch of Strong Water’s online shop. In addition to the Asmat Cannibal Skull mugs, Strong Water will also be selling coins, glassware, and masks via their online website.

    The mugs are anticipated to go on sale at the end of September. Those looking for updates should check in regularly at Strong Water Anaheim’s official Instagram.

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